With more than $800 million in assets under management, our investment team has a combined 40+ years of experience in the research and execution of quantitative trading, risk management, and alternative investment strategies.

Advanced Thinking for Modern Markets.

Low yields, high volatility and increased uncertainty means investors are more challenged than ever. We specialize in flexible, dynamic, risk-managed investment strategies designed to deliver more consistently positive results.

A Culture of Quantitative Research

While many investment strategies rely heavily upon forecasts and future estimates, Anchor gains an edge through a more quantitative approach. Anchor Capital’s portfolio management team has devoted a combined forty years to the research and development of long-short and absolute return investment strategies. We know that ongoing research and development is critical to our continued success. As financial markets continue to evolve, a large percentage of our human capital and financial capital are committed each year to monitoring and stress testing our existing investment models. We are always striving to build new strategies that will exploit our ever changing financial landscape and that produce attractive results.

Think Outside the Boxes

Style boxes tend to drive many asset allocation decisions. Thinking beyond traditional style box constraints, Anchor Capital strategies seek to achieve lower correlation to traditional asset allocation portfolio. Pursuing low correlation returns is a key ingredient in a successful diversification strategy.

Disciplined Risk Management

Investment gains are not the most important factor when we design our investment strategies. We design strategies that are built on the foundation of getting compensated for the investment risks we take. By not taking any single name risk in our portfolios, we can more efficiently simulate historical risk and return statistics for our investment strategies. Once the strategies are constructed they must perform up to the stringent risk parameters under all market conditions. This is the basis for producing absolute return portfolios at Anchor Capital. We then constantly monitor the risk parameters to ensure our strategies are meeting their investment objectives.